Everyone from politicians to tech companies themselves are pushing the “learn to code” agenda. On the one hand, it could create a more employable tech workforce, and on the other drive, it may serve to drive down the wages for what is today a very high-paying job.
But as machine learning continues to progress, you kind of have to wonder how long it will be before coding, in the traditional sense, is an ancient art form. As Google’s new machine learning demo the “Teachable Machine” illustrates, you can already program a robot brain with nothing more than your webcam.

The Teachable Machine is both a limited but incredible demo with a simple premise. Turn on your webcam, teach the robot brain what different motions and activities look like, and tell it what kind of responses you would like. In a matter of seconds, you can train the computer to react with different sounds when it sees different faces or, as I did, teach it to respond to hand motions with a series of different GIFs.

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