These are the latest virus definitions from McFee “” so please keep your security up to date.

Trojan-Skelky Trojan N/A Low 22/04/2016
Android/MazarBOT.A Malware N/A Low 17/02/2016
Android/Morder.A Trojan N/A Low 28/01/2016
Adware-FakeLand PUP N/A N/A 25/01/2016
Trojan-FHNH Trojan N/A Low 19/01/2016
SMS/Smishing.D Malware N/A N/A 10/01/2016
JS-Nemucod Trojan N/A Low 17/12/2015
SMS/FraudBilling.A Hoax N/A Low 16/12/2015
Android/SilverPush.A PUP N/A N/A 20/11/2015
Android/WormHole.A PUP N/A N/A 09/11/2015
Android/Tediss Malware N/A Low 03/11/2015
Exploit/Stagefright.N Vulnerability N/A Low 27/10/2015
Android/Leech.A Malware N/A N/A 07/09/2015
Generic.e!71CDC3201116 Virus N/A Low 28/08/2015
Exploit/Stagefright.M PUP N/A N/A 27/08/2015
Exploit/Stagefright.E PUP N/A N/A 27/08/2015
Exploit/Certifigate.B Vulnerability N/A Low 27/08/2015
Exploit/CVE-2015-3864 Vulnerability N/A Low 13/08/2015
Exploit/CVE-2015-3829 Vulnerability N/A Low 13/08/2015
Exploit/CVE-2015-3824 Vulnerability N/A Low 13/08/2015
Exploit/CVE-2015-3826 Vulnerability N/A Low 13/08/2015
Exploit/CVE-2015-3827 Vulnerability N/A Low 13/08/2015
Exploit/CVE-2015-1539 Vulnerability N/A Low 13/08/2015
Exploit/CVE-2015-1538 Vulnerability N/A Low 13/08/2015
Exploit/Stagefright.J Vulnerability N/A N/A 12/08/2015
Exploit/Stagefright.H Vulnerability N/A N/A 12/08/2015
Exploit/Stagefright.G Vulnerability N/A N/A 12/08/2015
Exploit/Stagefright.F Vulnerability N/A N/A 11/08/2015
Exploit/Certifigate.A Vulnerability N/A Low 06/08/2015
SMS/Smishing.C Data File N/A N/A 27/07/2015
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