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Catering for the small business and home user

Computer repair services in the Falkirk area. When your Computer has issues for whatever reason, you should always consult a professional. That’s where I come in! With only a £15 diagnostics fee and free estimates for repair you take the worry out of how much it’s going to cost without excessive charges before you find out what the problem is.

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Types of computer failures.

There are many types of issues whether it be hardware or software, I’ll steer you in the right direction.  Some of the most common issues are caused by malware or virus attacks, the malicious software that attacks your computer must be removed fully, this is sometimes a simple task but on occasions can be very difficult and a time consuming process.

Then we have hardware issues which can be anything from hard disk failure to motherboard failure or ever as simple as a power supply, hardware failure means that one of your computer components has failed and caused a problem this does not mean it’s going to cost a fortune to fix, there are items in your system that are not too costly to replace, however diagnostics are required to find out the cause of the problem.

Where possible the first port of call is backing up your data this can be done in various ways even if the computer won’t boot, the hard disk can be removed and docked allowing recovery of vital documents.

Computer and laptop upgrades.


img_0326Computer running slow or hard disk space running low, these are two of the main reasons for upgrading components on a computer system.  There are various other upgrades available for your Desktop computer such as processor memory graphics card or even your power supply but on your laptop computer it’s a bit more limited, you can still optimize even an older laptop for speed and consistency, for example a solid state Hard Disk Drive has no moving parts which gives you a much faster boot up time and system performance, that along with adding more memory can double the performance of a computer system whether it be a laptop or desktop computer.

My aim is to provide

Excellent customer service
Maximum security and privacy
Honest advice for the customers
Free diagnosis on all PCs and Laptops
Free security software for home users
Satisfaction guarantee.

Whether it’s a computer laptop or network repair or upgrade you’ll get the best service and advise possible.

Covering maintenance and repair on all major brands of computers including but not limited to: Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony, IBM, iMac.
I strongly value my customer’s privacy and do everything possible with a one to one personal service to make you feel confident in the service you receive.

Network Installation Services.

Having a reliable network infrastructure is essential for daily business operations.  Whether you require a new network, upgrade your present infrastructure or relocating your small business or moving home, it is necessary that your network is set up according to industry standards to ensure stability, security and performance of your network.

Covering all areas of networking for small business and the home user, network cable bespoke installation, Wireless network installation setup and security, Router configuration, Children’s safety.

Got children online?

Did you know that most routers have settings in them that allow you to control your router more accurately and securely to protect where what and when your users can go and see? You can split your network into two or more pieces and put restrictions and time controls on the Wi-Fi to limit the kids and much more.

MAC filtering allows only the computers you want to allow on the network to connect to it giving far more security for small business and home users alike you can also turn off the broadcast of your wireless network address (SSID) this means that your network is hidden and you can only connect to it if you know the name of the network and password giving added security.

Security for children

You can never be too over protective with your children when their online and regardless to what anyone says “It couldn’t happen to us” think again! it can happen to anyone. there are far to many people out there ready to take advantage of your network and computer security and they simply do not care and are more than often un aware whether it’s an adult or a child they attack. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Computer network installation
  • Router configuration
  • Wireless network installation
  • LAN installation
  • CAT5 CAT6 Network Cabling
  • Network cable made to order
  • Network upgrades

  • Virus, Malware and Spyware removal
  • System installation and configuration
  • System security and Health Check
  • Protecting your data (encryption)
  • Laptop and desktop hardware repairs
  • Printer installation

  • Data recovery
  • Secure data erase
  • Router / modem problems
  • System clean-up and optimisation
  • compatibility problems
  • System crash problems
  • System cleanup


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